Pop-ups held throughout the seasons



We're a group of friends who love working together and sharing their ideas, we make each other better and draw motivation from one another.

It all started with Yiannis wanting to finally showcase his own food; asked his closest friends and coworkers to participate in the first pop-up and so we got started. What truly amazed all of us is how much work and hours everyone was ready to put in from the very beginning and we got to experience this wonderful team being born.

Every individual has different backgrounds, nationalities and expertise, giving us uniqueness.

Yiannis Mexis  - Chef and creator


Growing up in different countries can form a strong and deeply determined person, which in the hospitality business is a rare gem.
After college he was  ambitious and hungry for knowledge and got to work with some of the best professionals in the business with mentors such as Graham Long, Phil Howard, Josh Angus and especially Brett Graham, where, at The Ledbury, I strongly believe he developed the mental strength to go past the limit whatever it takes.

Out of all the chefs I've ever worked with I've never met someone else who pushes as hard as he does: rules are only there to be broken and limits are only a mental status.
Every person he works with looks up to him and his philosophy, tough but caring at the same time, he's inspired and a great leader and lives by the rule of working hard and playing even harder.


Eva Rimoldi Rudatis - Bartender & creator

Introduced to the hospitality industry at a young age, Eva quickly showed a unique interest and a particular gift to the art of cocktail making. She is tremendously talented, passionate, the one that keeps all of us under control and pushes the team in creating better and more unique dishes. 
For these reasons she became the driving and irreplaceable force of our team.


Alper Mestan - PR & Management


He's the business man of the group, came to London for his MBA 10 years ago after studying tourism and hotel management in Turkey for what was meant to be a few months to gain some experience, ended up falling in love with the city and the industry and never left.

The man loves a good challenge, is always ready to start from scratch, embarking on a new adventure; his work ethic and love for people are a true inspiration. He's a wonderful leader and that friend you can always rely on. 


David Frigato - Chef


A chef by heart and soul, one of the most hard working and sarcastic people you’ll ever meet . He will always be able to put a smile on your face, a great teacher and mentor to all other chefs who are willing to learn and push. He is the person in the kitchen who will make it happen no matter what.


Marnix Taghon - Chef

Marnix is as chef from Belgium, coming from a family of Chefs he felt inspired to become one too.
Young and talented he came to London looking for experience, studied at Le Cordon Bleu and then started working for Ollie Dabbous both at Henrietta and Hide, where he grew so much both as a chef and as an individual. He's a loving and dear friend, the glue that keeps the group together.

- Elias

Elias Christoforou - Chef


My British-Cypriot brother is the pretty face of the team and the teddy bear too! Hard working individual with an amazing attitude and trained in various Michelin establishments he easily became one of us. 


Dilara Battal - FOH


Our ray of sunshine and power of nature, she's  always at the front line showing her love and support; from coffee making to picture taking the lady can pretty much do anything!

She is one of our proudest achievements as through our pop-ups she got in contact with Nathan @foodstorymedia and started working with them, taking a big step closer to the career of her dreams.


Mai Elphinstone - FOH


You might recognise her from her amazing story telling and contagious laughter, she is a Co founder of R Creatives (a company created with the mission of helping performing artists develop their own work) therefore knows what it takes to create a new concept and has always shown herself to be so valuable in bringing in new ideas to better the experience we provide.


Honorable mentions