About us

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Anemoia is a long forgotten word that describes the nostalgia for something you've never known, a nostalgic sense of longing for a past you yourself have never lived. We've tweaked the explanation into "nostalgia for the food you've never known" in the ambitious hope to satisfy this unknown desire.
We organise fine dining dinner pop-up events in central London on a seasonal basis. 
When attending one of our pop-ups you can expect a seven course tasting menus plus a drink course; the events are run as supper clubs so everybody is seated at the same time and given explanations of each dish as the dinner moves along, we really make a point in having a friendly atmosphere in which many different people gather to experience something together in a fun and stimulating way all with maintaining the highest possible standards.
We started as a group of friends that wanted to do something genuine, we shared similar values and ethics in our different fields and all felt a strong need for an outlet in which we could express ourselves truthfully doing what we love most.
What characterises us is a strong cross over between bar and kitchen that go hand in hand in everything, from menu creation to sharing preparations. It culminates in the seventh course of all our menus which is a cocktail made of ingredients from each course to both remind of what came before and tie the whole experience together.
We also make a strong effort into minimising wastage, we believe that any ingredient no matter if animal or plant should be used to its full potential and we achieve that in many ways, we use skins for infusions, leftovers get fermented to be used in future events and scraps put in the drink.
We are also a young company and we care to collaborate with other small growing businesses that share our mentality, we're all about helping each other and bringing as much attention to who deserves.

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